Suddenly you’re 21 and you’re screaming along in the car to all the songs you listened to when you were sad in middle school and everything is different but everything is good.
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Beats a hotel every damn time…

You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.
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legitimate response to your fiancée walking on stage | Nate ★ Life GIF!

I have two moods.  Vanessa Hudgens.  Or Her boyfriend.

One of the best examples of artistic integrity on a corporate scale.

The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others.
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Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” sang in 20 different styles
0.00 - Katy Perry
0:08 - Nirvana
0:15 - Queen
0:22 - Michael Jackson
0:30 - ‘N Sync
0:43 - Iron Maiden
0:57 - Jamiroquai
1:07 - Pantera
1:13 - Frank Sinatra
1:29 - Metallica
1:35 - Pavarotti
1:43 - The Doors
2:00 - Run D.M.C
2:08 - Tech N9ne
2:16 - Red Hot Chili Peppers
2:21 - Slipknot
2:26 - Louis Prima
2:32 - Boyz II Men
2:51 - Type 0 Negative
3:14 - John Mayer

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Outtake of Kate Moss by Kate Garner:
“She turned up for the shoot wearing a very small denim mini skirt, her boyfriend’s underpants (she hadn’t been home from the night before) and a little vest top. She managed to look adorable and chic … the hat and sweater picture was later in the day. Prob the second cigarette and cup of tea in a local cafe.”


so perfect what



I stood naked over him and took a picture

Why do I love everything about this

this is so cute

  • Parent to child at the library: Shhh...remember what we said about being loud in the library?
  • Child: We'll wake up the books.
  • Parent: That's right.